Fat Tuesday Jam Session Materials

We often host music nights that are set up as jam sessions, where musicians are invited to join us on stage to play common repertoire. We know that it can sometimes be intimidating jumping up on stage in these sorts of environments, so we offer these materials to help everyone find their comfort zone. Below, we have a sample song list, which will give you an idea of what you might hear (not a complete list, but a good starting place). We also have a set of standard endings that we might call to end songs with, a few lead sheets for songs that we will invite everyone in the room to play along with, and a Spotify Playlist which you can use to practice with. The Spotify list is particularly useful, because, when possible, we've selected songs in the standard keys, or the keys that we typically play them in. Also, we'll add a few suggested materials that you can source on your own, like certain fake books, etc, that might be worth looking for. Dig in, and enjoy. We'll continue to add materials here. Let us know what would be most useful for you, and we'll try to share.

Sample Song List This is not intended to be a complete list, but rather, just a starting place to give you an idea what kinds of things you might expect to encounter at the jam session. 34.9 KB
Standard Endings Here are a few standard endings that we use. 33.4 KB
Bourbon Street Parade For C Instruments 38.8 KB
Bourbon Street Parade For Bb Instruments 38.7 KB
Bourbon Street Parade For Trombone For Trombone 36.8 KB

Spotify Link TO Dixie Flats suggested Listening

The Real Dixieland Book

We recommend this book, which is a great starting place for standards in this style. They are generally written in the standard keys. It's available for C Instruments, Bb Instruments, Eb Instruments, and Bass clef, and in some cases is offered as a digital download. Check Amazon, etc...